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Creations Limited

Creations Limited create and develop and bring to market our range of various games and TV formats, including game shows, shiny-floor reality shows, scripted and non-scripted shows. Our TV formats have been adapted also to work as boxed games and wherever possible, as interactive games and to appeal to the widest demographic area of individuals in all countries of the world. We strive to encapsulate our family values into every game that we develop, so that all age groups can enjoy and benefit from our ideas. Most of our games are for all of the family and therefore all age groups from 7 years and older and are what is termed as “Casual Games.” We don’t do violent, tasteless, and tactless games. Our games encapsulate elements of suspense, intrigue, tactics and strategy, although a certain amount of luck is always a part of our roller-coaster-of- a- ride journeys and experiences. We aim to inject the “can’t put them down” feature into all of our creations and thereby set the expectations for every game that carries the brand.

Our aim is to be a world renowned and respected game and format creator, where our brand values of Intrigue, innovation, quality, customer service, and value for money speak for themselves and become synonymous with the brand where we embrace diversity and honesty.

Invisible Snakes  
and Ladders
Reversal of 
Secret Six

Vision statement

A more long-term view of what the company wants to achieve.

Firstly, we want to bring as many of our ideas to market and stimulate all age groups with their unique thrills and enjoyment. We aim to develop our ideas into boxed games and interactive games wherever feasible, as well as our game show formats, which will each have the logo and unique lead-in to the videos. The lead-in simulates a press which stamps out the name of the product with the insinuation of “hot off the press”

Core brand values

The principles that guide all the decision making in the company

What do we stand for?

What’s our purpose?

What is our core beliefs?

How do we behave?

Are they meaningful and unique to your brand?
Are the core values actionable?

Identity values




customer service

Brand core values are meant to be timeless and enduring yet flexible enough to evolve as the company grows. As we scale up, revise core values. Core values help you to :

  • Attract and retain the best employees.
  • Build a strong company culture.
  • Create a unique brand identity.
  • Differentiate your company in the marketplace.
  • Make tough decisions in confidence.

Sustainability core values :  built and designed to last. Interactive games so no waste products or carbon footprints, no recycling issues

More than just a game, it’s a continuing journey and quest. Exciting, enduring, strategic thinking, value for money, tactical thinking
Statement about the company’s products and services and benefits Passion

Creations Limited

A company who create, develop and produce various forms of games such as boxed games, interactive games, travel games, on-line games and online gambling games. We also develop games for SWP gaming consoles.
The other part of the company has been creating and developing formats for TV game shows, Reality and glossy floor formats for the past 16 years, working with TV broadcasters, distributors, production companies, and animators. , also creates and develops scripted and non-scripted formats for sitcoms and actual individuals from the past.

David Homer, our MD, has had success over the years with game shows such as Reversal or Fortune, Cash Cube, and The Secret Six. 

He has also created Worth your weight in gold, The S.H.A.G.S, A piece of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Judgement Day, The Da Vinci Code, It’s your Birthday, What’s up, Doc? And many others.
Mary Homer, his wife and Co Director, has recently flexed her creative genius too, and penned her maiden game called “Invisible Snakes & Ladders.”


Check out our brand-new creation called The fandango .” 

We can now claim something that no other game creator or developer can boast

….. , has finally done The fandango !

It’s waiting to be funded via a Kickstarter project and each one of you can be a massive part of this.

Help us bring The fandango to market and offer your gracious pledge for a minimum pledge of £25 for your choice of download options (see Kickstarter pages for choices).

Please click on the link button which will take you back to our unique Kickstarter project number and complete your details on their dedicated page. You will be asked to submit your credit card or debit card details accordingly, together with your name and email address.

No monies will be taken from your card unless we reach our funding goal which is to create the Interactive fandango game. It’s not what you might think it is. It’s not a dance, it’s far more than that.

fandango also means “an elaborate or complicated process or activity.” The fandango is a stupendously exciting, roller-coaster ride for one player or multiple players. It’s a thrill a minute, competitive journey to wanting to win and post the highest possible score available from the fandango game matrix, which can be done.
The fandango has complicated innards, but amazingly simple and easy to play. You are only interested in what it does and how you can apply the best strategy and tactics to beat everyone else and win.

There is a sample of the original Fandango interactive game that you can try, before you make you pledge. Simply click the “CHECK IT OUT ” button


Kickstarter campaign

Help us bring The fandango to market and offer your gracious pledge for a minimum of £25 today.

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Help us bring The Fandango to market and offer your gracious pledge for a minimum of £25 today.