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David Homer, our MD, has had success over the years with game shows such as Reversal of Fortune, Cash Cube, and The Secret Six. 

He has also created Worth your weight in gold, The S.H.A.G.S, A piece of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Judgement Day, The Da Vinci Code, It’s your Birthday, What’s up, Doc? And many others.
Mary Homer, his wife and Co Director, has recently flexed her creative genius too, and penned her maiden game called “Invisible Snakes & Ladders.”

Here is my wife, Mary. She is a legal secretary by trade but has since worked on the front line at the NHS for the past 10 years. Mary is also co-owner and director, and has created a game of her own, that she has called “Invisible Snakes & Ladders”. We have a short MP4 video on this website to demonstrate it as well. It is presently only a cardboard boxed game, but an interactive version beckons. This game is our unique 21st Century slant on the age-old game, but with our own unique twists and turns which make the game a truly roller-coaster of a game in its own right.

Mary is widely known, as “Lady M” as she is the Lady of the Manor.

Time for you all to meet Darren Bijkerk.

Darren is the owner of IM Graphics and creates all of our animations for our projects. IG Media is an award-winning animation studio based in the North East of England, and supply animation and motion graphics to agencies, film and TV companies, broadcasters and production companies all over the UK.

He has won several prestigious TV awards from the Royal Television Society.

Finally, we just had to formerly introduce you to

was a 16th-century commedia dell’arte stock character. According to folklore, Scaramouche, was something of a fool with a penchant for intrigue… are each of his or her creations. Scaramouche was always hidden behind a mask of some description.

We decided that it was high time that did the fandango, once and for all. We are proud to put our unique twist to it! And so, we created “The Fandango”

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Help us bring The fandango to market and offer your gracious pledge for a minimum of £25 today.

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Help us bring The Fandango to market and offer your gracious pledge for a minimum of £25 today.