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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions:
We intend to keep this part as simple as possible, folks!

You have arrived at this website because of your interest in Kickstarter and the fact that you are interested and curious about the Scarramouche Fandango interactive game…yes Great!….thank you. We hope that you like what you have seen, thus far…

This is the funding stage of the Fandango project. Most of you will probably be hardened Kickstarter enthusiasts and understand their Terms and Conditions. In the funding stage, you will need to complete the Kickstarter forms and enter your details. This should include, name address, contact number etc plus we must have your email address. There will also be a need for you to complete your debit / credit card details for the all-important pledges towards the funding of the Fandango interactive game.

Kickstarter will require you to read their T’s and C’s, as you (and Scarramouche) will be bound by them. You will not be charged any money, and nothing will be taken from your card unless the funding target is reached by the due drop-dead date. After this time, when we reach our target, your pledge value will be taken via your card details.

At a later stage, Kickstarter will need to furnish us with your details, as we will be using your email address to send you the link and encrypted codes for the download of your choice of the interactive game, whether for mobile (cell) in ios or Android, or for PC/Computer/ ipad and in Mac or Windows. There will be a further option for a web-based online version for tournament multi-player. You will be able to play the Fandango interactive game for money.

Our commitment to you, as backers of the project, is to send you your choice or choices of downloads once the new version of the interactive game has been completed and tested etc.

Once we have done this for you all, our end of the bargain is fulfilled. Once the funding stage is over, the Fandango game will be available via our website e-commerce section, for people to purchase. At this stage, we shall have new Terms and Conditions accordingly.

Kickstarter campaign

Help us bring The fandango to market and offer your gracious pledge for a minimum of £25 today.

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Help us bring The Fandango to market and offer your gracious pledge for a minimum of £25 today.